Day 1 – Jason Vale Juices Diet

So it’s only our (me and my mum) first day of Jason Vales Juice detox and already we’re contemplating giving in. We’re not hungry, not at all, in the sense that the juices fill you up, everything is good. However, despite what all of the people on the internet said, the juices are disgusting!!!


This juice is the Super Juice is has: Half a lime, 2 apples, A quarter of a pineapple, 1 inch cucumber, 1oz shot of wheatgrass & A quarter of an avocado… That doesn’t sound too horrific right? Wrong! The avocado flesh gives it a balmy texture, like you’re literally sat there eating lip balm & the wheatgrass, I can’t even describe, it smells, tastes everything is yuck!



This is the Chute Juice, it looks a lot more appealing but don’t be fooled. It’s worse.
To be honest the majority of the ingredients in this one are fine, apples, carrot, watercress, kale, parsley, cucumber, broccoli stem, alfalfa sprouts, beetroot and courgette, but then there’s the celery. It over powers the entire drink, I hate celery anyway but my mum actually likes it normally but hated it in this drink.

This is only 2 of the juices, the Turbo Express had celery in it as well so that was equally as painful to glug. The hot ‘n’ spicy is yet to be drank at that one is for 9pm, it does however sound much more appealing than the others, 3x apples and a pinch of cinnamon. Yum!!


Confessions of a student shopaholic!

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Whilst an outsider thinks the life of a student is the most easy lifestyle there is, theres a student right now, sat eating their last tin of beans.

I’m not necessarily saying that us students have it tough but to be skint for the majority of the time isn’t something anyone wants. I get the lowest amount of money you can get when it comes to student loans, meaning I have very little money to live off over 3 months until I get another payment.

If any student says that they don’t spend the majority of their loan on clothes, going out and random shit is a liar. My day to day schedule has me attending university everyday for 1 or 2 hours except fridays, what do I do with all my spare time? or should I be asking what should I spend my money on with my spare time?

I’ve had 2 loans now and as soon as that money went into my bank I straight up got on my laptop and online shopped, this time I have bookmarked clothing websites with the things I find that I NEED but lets be honest, I don’t really NEED them, it just seems right to treat myself to one or two things with my money right?

I’ve made up some steps to help myself and possibly you, if you’re reading this and you’re a student also, or if you just want to save your money and manage it better.

1. Tell yourself that you spend too much money at once

Examples of this would be – do you lend money off your family or friends? think about why you spend money, why you NEED these things. Tell yourself – I am a shopaholic, if you watch confessions of a shopaholic (the film) and consider yourself just like Becca then we have a serious problem.

2. Make a goal for yourself

Work out how much money you need to spend on food to live off and then any expenses that you need to take care of, if theres any money left after that, treat yourself. Why not work out how much money you can spend in a week with your loan? and try not to spend over that limit each week.

3. Put half of the money into another bank account or into a trusted person’s

With this you’re less likely to spend the money that will do for later on after getting your loan or pay check, rather than spending all of your money in the first month and then regretting not keeping money aside till you next get paid.

4. Spend money on stuff you NEED

It would be silly to assume that people don’t ever need clothes, I’d buy a piece of clothing everyday if I could. Although, don’t buy clothes because you’re feeling bored, or you’re on a casual walk to get some washing up liquid for your Mum and then happen to come back with a dress from Topshop, no means no! You can do it. When I say stuff you NEED, I mean if a bag has been ruined or your shoes have holes in them and I’m not talking the tiniest little thing, cheaters.

5. Make a list of what expenses you need to pay off and what you’ve spent

This will help in the organisation of your money so you aren’t buying things you don’t need without realising. Usually we buy something and then think about how it will affect our bank account a moment after purchasing it and then its out of our mind, writing it down will unmask your shopping addiction!

6. Don’t take your bank card with you for ‘little trips out’

This way you wont be tempted by that ‘cute black dress’ in that store over the road. Yes it will hurt and I mean HURT, but you’ll feel better about it after. Of course the pulse of your bank card in your bag when you’re surrounded by your favourite shops is indescribable but theres a 50% chance that you wont even like that dress in a months time.

7. Going out on the town – limit yourself

If you’re going out and you know that if you take your bank card you’ll go crazy and start taking more money out than you actually need. Be organised, get £20-£40 out, however much it costs for taxi’s, drinks etc where you live and leave the bank card at home. You’ll find it easier once you work out how much the taxi will be and how much drinks will be, then thats your amount set.

Most of all – stay in control. Its hard and it feels awful but is it more awful than not having any money at all a few weeks later to go for a meal or a cinema trip because you’ve spent most of your money on clothes? And of course I’m speaking from point of view because I know that I need to take all of this advice and so do a lot of students. We can do this! Screw you clothes, joking – I love you.

From street wear to couture





My first pair of trainers were probably sketchers, you may all be familiar with them, big ugly looking things. At around that time I had no interest in fashion, partly because I had no idea it even existed, although sportswear is now seen as fashionable. Trainers are statements you can pair with any sort of clothing, not just for sports but for anytime.

It was Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel catwalk that had the models wearing lace-up sneakers in Paris in January 2014, there a new trend had been born and soon went high fashion. High fashion is passes down from somewhere, thats if you don’t have interest in watching catwalk shoes, celebrities are also an influence in what we wear. Model Cara Delevingne has been spotted rocking trainers street style.

This years Chanel catwalk is probably a blessing in disguise for most females out there, now its fashionable to throw your best pair of trainers on and I’ll certainly be calling myself Chanel from now on.

Too old for your clothes?

Are you too old for your clothes? “The world’s a minefield for women over 40 trying to dress youthfully.”

High street stores are the most one sided aspects of fashion, it all comes down to ‘Am I too old for that store?’. This is the most realistic question all women aged 40 and over will ask themselves at least once in their life. Is it acceptable for a 40 year old to be seen in a shop such as Topshop and River Island and where does this age barrier of clothing shops stop?

It is a fact that certain trends spring a sense of nostalgia but we see countless women cling on to every garment of their youth in hope of trying to stay ‘hip’ and ‘down with the trends’. Although, done tastefully, it would be acceptable but women like these feel like they are stuck in the ‘too old for Topshop but too young for Bonmarche’ phase.

It is arguable whether women who stay on top of the fashion trends feel like an outsider when a lot of trends encourage showing parts of the body that are not traditionally displayed. Summer is the bane of a lot of women’s lives, its famous for that moment where you dive into your wardrobe and ask yourselves ‘bikini or swimming costume?’. But who says you shouldn’t go into a shop and buy that flashy pink bikini if you’re above the age of 40? if you want that flashy pink bikini, you get that flashy pink bikini.

There are countless women above 30 who are doing it right. Helen Mirren is a good example when it comes to the ‘wow shes good for her age’. This proves that it isn’t all about flashing skin, its about how you wear it. No one wants to be deemed as that try hard who dresses like their daughter, as women get older they become more sensible, mentally and in how they dress. This is where the saying ’40 is the new 30’ comes along, women in their 40’s and 50’s have never been more sexy and talked about in the media than now.

And if you ever find yourself committing the long lived age-appropriate venture, just dream of that time you turn 70 years old, all slippers and no judgements.

How to OWN black in spring!



Now that the weather is finally getting warmer and the sun is staying up past 6 o’clock all of your dark clothes have been pushed to the back of your wardrobe and replaced with pastels and florals. Although, truth be told, black isn’t very conventional during summer BUT, yes theres a but – black goes with everything and I mean EVERYTHING. Surely its worth a bit of sweat? no? well not necessarily for those days when somehow the English weather is above 15 degrees, hallelujah! But them cooler summer days or nights. These are just a few photo’s which visually explain my point – go black or go home.. to change possibly.

3 Outfit ideas for that ‘trip out’




Bralet, Miss Selfridge, £7

Shirt, Urban Oufitters, around £49

Shorts, ebay, Levi cut offs, £25


This fun gothic inspired look is great for a date depending on your mood, all black everything for a first date may not be you but maybe you’re sick of wearing the same ‘girl next door’ style and want to mix it up. I paired a black bralet I go in the sale last year in Miss Selfridge, with my black Levi shorts and oversized shirt from Urban Outfitters, it’s easy and simple. Admit it, you can’t go wrong with a shirt and shorts!




Glasses, ebay, £4.99

Dress, Sheinside, £25

Shoes, Garage, £16


This look is more sensible, it really just depends on who you are as a person and what style you love. You can’t go wrong with a simple nude dress with a pretty collar, this is more for them girls who want to look cute but mature. I have added the glasses which I bought off Ebay to basically make the outfit more intellectual and sophisticated. I hope you can tell that I wasn’t actually interested in the magazine I was reading, all about the pose baby.



Jumper, £50, Urban Outfitters

Glasses, £4.99, ebay


This look has nothing to do with golf, don’t worry, since golf is totally hipster right? nope? okay. Anyway unlike my accessory this style can be both simple but different, if the weather was dreary and I knew that there was a chance I was going outside, I’d definitely feel obligated to shove a jumper on. Although, it isnt very flattering, I have paired it with very see through tights to make it look a bit more edgy. Everyone looks a good old grandad jumper, ask your grandad!


4 ways to wear a baggy top!


ellie 1


ellie 3




Today I wanted to achieve that DIY homemade look, due to my love of baggy oversized T-shirts and making 1 item of clothing fit for different outfits. Being a student, I literally can only afford food, depressing, I know, but my lack of money for clothes motivates me to be creative with the clothes I do have and brings out my inner fashion designer! Kidding. Although it does teach me and probably a lot of you to make new fashion out of the clothes that you would never wear anymore. So heres my DIY – different ways to wear a baggy top for you poor students and poor working teens!

  • Look 1 – This is the most basic way to style a baggy top, matching it with a statement skirt from New Look. A baggy top always goes with a cute tartan skirt or whatever you want to pair it with, its simple for those effortless days.
  • Look 2 – With this look, I have paired the belt with my baggy top to empathise my waist and to make it look as if my top is a dress. This look is great if you’re going for a grunge but feminine style, it could be paired with a black leather jacket to add more to the grungy look.
  • Look 3 – This look is a bit more revealing, an off the shoulder look will always be a trend. It says I’m trying but I’m totally not. If I were to wear this look somewhere it would probably be a trip out with my friends on a cool summer night, black for night but the style screams summer.
  • Look 4 – This is definitely my favourite look, a cute black dress will always be a part of every girls wardrobe. This time, both of my arms are out of the head hole and I have tied the sleeves behind me creating a more bodycon effect. You can always tie the sleeves together at the front as well, proving theres more ways to wear a top than the normal way!

Worst trends of the 21st century – so far

5. Fanny Packs Image

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Common amongst tourists, these unflattering.. things, (somehow) wiggled their way into becoming a trend in 2013 by Rihanna and festival goers. It’s just down right lazy, buy a handbag, its called a HAND bag for a reason ladies.

4. Double denim  Image

jdurham, morgueFile,

This trend has made its comeback from the 80’s and 90’s. Whilst a handful of celebrities have tried their hand in bringing the trend back, there are day to day people going ahead with double denim, whether it be down to the laziness of throwing anything on or they’ve managed to convince themselves that its sociably acceptable.

3. Long-back dresses/skirts


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The ‘party in the front, business in the back’ saying should and should only be used for the tragic trend of the mullets, Billy-Rae Cyrus – I’m looking at chu. It’s a trend for the indecisive, should I wear a long dress today or a short one, oh wait I know, I can have BOTH. In what world!

2. Trainer wedges


Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution License,

Isabel Marant created the trainer wedge, known as ‘The Beckett’. Produced to sell for high-fashion, this trend plummeted to the likes of high-street stores and when I say plummeted, I mean crashed, died and became unacceptable. Although ugly none the less, this sense of indecisiveness becomes a big issue again, if you want height – wear heels, leave trainers alone!

1. Crocs


Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution License,

And we have a winner! CROCS. Surely everyone could have guessed that this was going to be number 1. What I cant quite fathom is the point in these rubbery disasters, even someone that wears crocs cant say they wear them based purely on their appearance. Crocs are for people who have given up on the world, if you’re reading this and you’re a croc wearer – its nothing person, I don’t hate you, I hate your shoes.

Tartan Takeover!




The print of the scots is taking over the streets and we welcome the arrival with style!

Look 1: This conventional colour of tartan is certainly far from ordinary, its blood red shade flatters the body even more than the cut is doing. The peter pan collar is a perfect addition to her scottish tribute, the dress pricing at £15 from Primark is a bargain if one of your chosen trends this April is a homage to the scots!

Look 2: This take on tartan feels more modern and edgy, the tartan skirt is from American Apparel, £50. The netball style skirt is perfect paired with clunky boots and a statement hat, just the right attire for spring!


Joseph Altuzarra Spring/Summer 2014 review

“A lot of this collection came from Japanese Boro clothing”, “I love the idea that there’s this ease and humility”, “And its all incredibly light” explains New York fashion week sensation, Joseph Altuzarra.

The collection radiated elegance and effortless without straining towards the overt, its deliberate mixture of light cottons in indigo or pearly ivory and liquid silks emphasised the mid-calf length skirts, which were often side split and marked with French ticking stripes with a revealing idea of basic meets sexy.

Cropped jackets also celebrated Altuzarra’s inspiration of Japanese boro fabric, which were hand-embroidered in the style. This theme ran through all the show, showing both jackets and dresses with tassel-like ties, layered with cropped jumpers and shirt styled skirts. Altuzarra’s shapely tailored black blazers were paired with hook-and-eye closures followed by knits that were embellished with rhinestones to give the collection a crystal, sharp ease.

The occurring blown up pin striped theme was also shown on the ponchos in the collection, whilst being a challenging piece to make fashionable, Altuzarra did just that, pairing them with shirt style skirts unbuttoned to expose nearly the entire leg. The monochrome evening attires were sophisticated metallic threads that hung off the models like liquid; sexy and yet tasteful. Julia Nobis turned all heads in the gold metallic dress, which took position as the ultimate louche luxe.

With the backing of fashion conglomerate Kering, young designer Altuzarra is not ready to leave the catwalk yet due to Kering’s recent stake in the five-year-old label. We are yet to anticipate Altuzurra’s next journey onto the catwalk.